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2009-12-31 10:02:43 by Geadaan

Just wanted to introduce myself into the community as well as wish everyone a Happy New Year. Right now I'm working on and will be submitting just artwork, however I am in school to get my degree in animating. So within the next few months and over the course of the year I'll hopefully be submitting a lot here.

Anyway have a great day everyone and have fun!


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2010-01-01 09:18:43

Glad that you joined Newgrounds. Your current art submissions seem pretty good and hopefully you can come up with some more cool stuff. Hope you do get around to submitting some animations, but it's best you get something submitted in which case art will be quicker. I still haven't submitted anything cos I've been working on animations and art at the same time. See you round the Art Forum hopefully :D