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Love the landscaping.. and hidden face >.>

The entire scene looks awesome, but the one thing that really caught my eye was what can be made into a face between the middle and right tree. The flying things in the back make the curve of the nose and the mouth as well as the trees sorta look like hair :3


Ok artwork first... I love the highlights, coloring and the texturing, yet simple serves its purpose here. The hair kinda dies off the further down it goes to me, it just gets flat. And I feel like the hand on the right should be flipped over. But over all I love it...

Now about your character choice... Woohoo Nightcrawler! lol actually besides Gambit he is my all time favorite so bonus points from me :)


Very cute picture, cant say much other then that. The artwork is nice and well done.

Stalagmite responds:

thanks mate! ^ ^ didnt take as long as it usually does ^ ^ thanks!


The colors give a nice peaceful feeling, also nicely blended as well. overall I love it and hope you keep making more :)


The simple range of colors and detail make it a great cartoon, it reminds me a lot of Samurai Jack. Nicely done.

It's nice

The design idea is neat, and the gradient shading is really nice too.

TheFishyOne responds:

Glad you like it.

I knew it!

I always thought zippers were evil, thanks for confirming it! lol anyway on a more series note.. Love the picture, its concept is nice. I'd say the flower is a bit distracting though because of its similar colors to the main focus. I focus on three points the beam the flower and the mouth, maybe that was your goal though.

Nice work

I love the detail you put into the highlights and how smooth the color in the face blends. The negative space helps frame it a bit too and draws my attention to his face. The only thing I see that I'm not sure about is the chalk looking figures, mostly the one to the right. The way the chalk looks like its fading as it goes further away from the main character I kinda feel the person should fade too. But thats just my opinion, either way its a good piece of art.

exninja123 responds:

thanks a lot! :)
the chalk looking figures is supposed to look faded away because it's part of his memories

Awesome job

I love the lighting and the texture the image has to it.

Beautiful work

I love the details on all of it, but in particular the texture on the trees and water is my favorite thing about it. Well done.

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